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The Basics And Reasons For Flaking And Dry Scalp

Flaking and dry scalp causes both embarrassment and inconveniences. Read more in this page in order to learn about the causes of flaking and dry scalp. The dandruff condition affects about half of the US adult population and so if if you have dry scalp and flaking you are not alone. The first step to treating dandruff and the related symptoms, it is important that its causes are learnt first. Read more so that you get the causes which can help you find the right treatment.

Seborrheic Dermatitis is one of the main causes of dry scalp and flaking. Seborrheic Dermatitis causes more production of hair follicle oils since it is a form of eczema. The skin condition develops mainly because of the seasonal changes, individual’s DNA makeup and stress. The symptoms for Seborrheic Dermatitis includes yellow-coloured patches which are scaly on the scalp that tends to flake off with time.

Eczema has also been known to cause itching and flaking on the scalp especially among the little kids. If kids are exposed to shampoos and strong soaps they can also experience irritation on their skins and scalps which are really sensitive. Read more to learn on the other causes of flaking and dry scalp.

The other cause for dry scalp and flaking is the Psoriasis which is an inflammatory condition that is caused mostly caused by autoimmunity. The scalp psoriasis presents itself in different symptoms notably large flakes, thick scales and itching sensation which is not the same as ordinary dandruff. If you want to get more causes of dry scalp and flaking, read more.
Contact dermatitis is the allergic reaction that some people have towards certain hair care products and they also cause flaking and dry scalp. These allergic reactions can lead to irritating itchiness, dry scalp and scaly conditions. The use of hair care products which are organic and natural-based is one way of dealing with the contact dermatitis. The adult scalps have Malassezia which is a type of fungus which can also cause dry scalp and flaking. Read more here so that you can learn about the conditions that can increase the development and occurrence of dry scalp and flaking. The conditions below can increase your susceptibility to developing a dry scalp and flaking. Oily hair can increase the development of dry scalp and flaking by enabling Malassezia to overgrow which leads to dry scalping and flaking. The other conditions that can make flaking and dry scalp includes certain health conditions and diseases and compromised immune system, age and being male.

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