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Winston and His Owner

A dog named Winston is about 10 months old. His owner wasn’t planning on getting this dog or any dog for that matter.

He already got two cats and a bird which takes a lot of his time. These cats are different in age. Respectively, these cats are 18 and 7 years old. The little one usually seeks for his owner’s attention while the other is just waiting around when it is feeding time. The bird is noisy but it actually behaves when you just feed the bird and put it in a carrier, and she will be ready to go travel anywhere.

He stumbled on this page through online about a puppy that just got born in a local animal shelter. He wanted the puppy the moment he set his eyes on this puppy. This puppy got one of those faces that always want to make a smart comment. He directly went to the local animal shelter just to get the puppy. He didn’t expect that he would be spending money for this puppy more than he could. This puppy has been giving him joy for the past ten months.

Every time he wants to drive and bring his pets, he always has a hard time since Winston the dog tend to go in the driver seat and just bother him with his dog’s cuteness. He searched in the net about how to travel with pets and researched more about it. Most of it showed a lot of things which are useless.

He likes to travel a lot, so he wants to know how to travel with pets. He thought about flying his dog in an airplane while he will drive in the car together with his two cats. However, he thinks that it is impractical and strange to actually do that since he doesn’t like flying.

He left Winston to a local dog trainer for a week when he went to Wyoming. It was okay to leave Winston to a dog trainer if he travels, but thinking about traveling in further places, it will be not okay for him since he can’t go far too long without his dog.

Most of the hotel rooms don’t allow pets in their rooms. It won’t be easy to travel together with your pets but you just got to bring them because they are your family.

His really want to travel with his dogs, he wants his dog to go to mountains and let him climb. It is because he wants to know more info about how to bring pets for long distance travels. If only Winston, his dog will let him drive properly and won’t bother him in the passenger seat then it will be awesome.

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